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with our one-of-a-kind events.  Need to re-create a first date?  Ready to start a new adventure and pop the question?  Seeking out new ideas for your birthday celebration?  Or want to take your Bachelor or Bachelorette group on a tropical destination party? 

Look no further because our experienced team of event planning professionals are here to help! Contact us today so we can help prepare a unique and customized event for your special day!

The Method to Our Madness

First we will set up an INITIAL CONSULTATION to understand your background, likes/dislikes and general sense of how you want to propose

Next we help create the PROPOSAL IDEA. We want him to come up with the plan so when you ask, he can proudly say "It was all my idea!"

Then you leave the work up to us as we call vendors, venues and work out every DETAIL of your big day.

Last, he POPS THE QUESTION. On-site coordination is our specialty and we take it very seriously to ensure the proposal goes off as an absolute surprise and without a glitch

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Latest Proposal for RSP Planner!                    May 28, 2014

Maria has been planning proposals for Ready Set Propose for years but it wasn't until Friday May 16th that she was surprised for the first time EVER! Her boyfriend of just over a year asked her to marry him in front of all their closest family and friends and who else to help but the RSP team!  Click the link above to check it out!

RSP Goes Live on Groupon!                        Feb 17, 2014

We are now offering 2 deals exclusively with our friends at Groupon. Proposal idea consulting and a basic proposal package are offered at discounted rates for a limited time. Click the link above to check it out!

Proposal Package Giveaway                       Feb 01, 2014

Enter for your chance to win help with your proposal! Unlimited number of entries, the more friends and family that enter a couple, the better chances at winning! Hurry while the contest is still open. Click the link above now. 

New Packages                                                                   Jan 25, 2014

Ready Set Propose has new packages available for all occasions. Not ready to propose but just want to plan a simple dinner date? Or looking to surprise your husband on his birthday...check out our packages on our services page. 

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….Oohhhh Valentine’s Day <3 

Let’s set aside the fact that this holiday revolves around a Christian figure, because not everyone celebrating this holiday is Christian (insert sarcastic comments about non-Christians celebrating all Christian holidays to get the days off of work/school).

No, let’s focus on what the holiday is largely about…LOVE.

But love for who? The female, obviously  ::rolls eyes:: 

Women expect their man to prove his love on Valentine’s Day. We are waiting to see what he has planned, and if he has nothing we resent him!

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